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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Here is a quick description of each of our classes. Our classes are for men and women of all levels.


This class combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.


This class will push you to the limit. Improve endurance, power, speed, and agility all while torching major calories. The style of this class will vary but will always be a high intensity workout.

Fast Fit

A thirty minute express class that has you in and out in no time. This is a circuit style boot camp class that targets every part of your body in a short amount of time for a quick, effective workout.

Muscle mania

If cardio isn’t your thing, this is the class for you. This is a strength training class that uses strictly weights to focus on gaining muscle and getting stronger. It challenges your limits and helps you push past them.


This is a DVD led class that is perfect for unwinding after a long week or stretching out those overworked muscles. The length of this class may vary. It is a great way to start your Saturday mornings.

Abs Express

This will be a thirty minute or less class focusing strictly on the abdominal muscles. Looking to gain a stronger core? This is the class to come to.


This is a class for all fitness levels. Whether you are new to exercise or have been working out for a long time, it is a class that teaches you how to get more out of your workouts by having proper form. It is a circuit style class where we focus on the correct way to perform exercises.